12oz Sirloin Steak €23.50
100% Irish Beef cooked to your liking. Served on a bed of fried mushrooms and onions with pepper
sauce on the side.

8oz Sirloin Steak €18.00
Same as above.

Ham Steak €11.95
Thick slice of grilled Gammon, served with deep fried pineapple in breadcrumbs and a fried egg.

Chicken Maryland €12.00
Full breast of chicken, deep fried in breadcrumbs and served with fried banana and pineapple.

Chicken Kiev €12.00
Full breast of chicken, deep fried in breadcrumbs and filled with homemade garlic butter.

Fish of the Day 13.95
Succulent fillet of cod, deep fried in our own homemade beer batter.

All of the above dishes are served with a side salad and your choice of French fries, baked potato or scallop potatoes.

Beef & Guinness Casserole €12.50
Tender chunks of beef, slow-cooked with mushrooms in a Guinness sauce. Served with mashed potatoes.

Breast of Chicken Curry €11.80
Diced breast of chicken in a curry sauce served with either rice, French fries or a combination of both.

Traditional Irish Stew €12.50
Beef with potatoes, carrots, celery and our secret herbs all cooked in a traditional Irish method.

Panini Ham Cheese & Chips €10.00
Toasted ham & cheese panini served with French fries and side salad.

Vegetarian Quiche with stir fry veg and chips. €11.95
Stilton & Broccoli quiche served with stir fried vegetables and chips

Hot chicken wrap and chips €11.50
Chicken, peppers, onions, lettuce and mayonnaise in a soft flour tortilla wrap, served with chips and side salad.

Sausages & Chips €7.50
Basket of cocktail sausages & chips.

Fresh Salmon Salad €12.00
Fresh fillet of Salmon served on a bed of salad with our homemade honey & mustard dressing

Smoked Salmon Salad €14.00
As above with Smoked Salmon

Atlantic Prawn Salad €14.00
As above with Fresh Atlantic Prawns

Seafood Platter €14.95
As above with a combination of Fresh Salmon, Smoked Salmon and Atlantic Prawns

Beef Salad €11.00
As above with sliced roast beef

Ham Salad 11.00
As above with sliced ham

Chicken Salad 11.00
As above with sliced breast of chicken

Open Fresh Salmon Sandwich €10.95
Open faced sandwich served with salad, coleslaw and Fresh fillet of salmon.

Open Smoked Salmon Sandwich €11.95
As above with Smoked Salmon

Open Beef Sandwich €10.50
As above with Beef

Open Chicken Sandwich €10.50
As above with sliced Breast of Chicken

Open Ham Sandwich €10.50
As above with sliced Ham

Plain Sandwiches €4.50
With Salad €5.00